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Lifting Lug

Lifting Lug Lifting Lug

This program will calculate the loads on a lifting lug connected to a piece of equipment or steel baseframe & verify that the particular metallurgy, the design codes & the dimensions are fit for the design loads. The program prints out the calculations from first principals to ensure that it is easier for a Professional Engineer to approve & sign-off on them.

The program prints a complete computation, including the 1st principles of the calculation complete with helpful diagrams.

Price: $ 450.00 CAD per license

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Error Logging & Issues

All errors, issues & questions should be sent to the e-mail address: info@darbury.com. Please remember to be as explicit as possible about the error, include the operating system, your details & as much information as possible to enable Darbury to try to recreate the problem.


As with all engineering calculation software, it must be verified & approved by a certified Professional Engineer. Darbury Consulting Ltd. has done everything it can with this program to ensure the calculations are correct, it allows for the calculation to be printed showing the calculation method from first principals & have given boxes for the page to be approved & signed. Darbury Consulting Ltd. accepts no liability for the use of this program without the correct approval process being followed.

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