Darbury has worked with many top companies in Europe & North America, in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Refrigeration, Building Services & General Engineering industries. Consultancy services have been sold to multiple companies to suit the specific need of either a client's standards or a project's design criteria. Experience ranges from setting strategies, defining requirements, implementation plans & deployments for a large number of Information Management & Design computer products. Individual computer programs have been written by Darbury to perform specific functions relating to the data produced within a design engineering project. These routines have been produced in multiple languages & are operational 24/7 keeping the integrity of the data for Darbury's clients to the highest standards.

Darbury has expertise in the following items:

Asset Information IM BIM Engineering Design Management Strategy Programming
Artificial Intelligence Autodesk Forge Augmented Reality Internet of Things Industrial Internet of Things 3D Printing Laser Scanning Photogrammetry
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Senior Management

Dave Bradbury, as the Managing Director, Owner & Founder of the company, provides clients a depth of knowledge & expertise to make the right decisions. As a trained HVAC / Building Services / Refrigeration Design Engineer with 14 years design experience who branched in to 3D modeling & software support, Dave is in the perfect position to offer confidence with a proven background in providing solutions, understanding the impacts to all disciplines. Dave has worked in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & General Engineering industries for over 34 years for Owner/Operators, Engineering Companies, Manufacturers & Sub-Contractors.

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