CAD - Computer Aided Design

Engineering Design Management Strategy Programming Blank

Darbury Managing Director, Owner & Founder, Dave Bradbury, is perhaps one of the youngest people around to have gone through a formal drawing board Engineering apprenticeship in the UK, whilst replicating the work on the CAD machines in the evenings - 34 years currently.  Since then, multiple CAD systems have been learned but Dave specialises in all the Autodesk AutoCAD vertical products, being an official Autodesk Developer since 2000.

CAD System Experience

  1. AutoCAD, including all vertical products (Plant 3D, MEP, etc.)
  2. Bentley Microstation
  3. Intergraph SmartPlant
  4. McDonnel Douglas GDS on Prime mainframe
  5. Unigraphics on VAX VMS

CAD Functions

  1. Draughting Office management, strategy & standards
  2. 2D Graphics & Drawings
  3. 3D Modeling & deliverable documentation
  4. Assiting companies with the transition from 2D draughting to 3D modeling
  5. Visualisations - Navisworks, SPR, BIM360, etc.
  6. Construction planning, work packaging & virtual timeline construction visualisations
  7. Presentation quality images from 3D models
  8. Draughting Standards - colour tables, layers / levels, etc.
  9. Creating new functions using programming interfaces
  10. Taking CAD data & producing bespoke reporting
  11. Translations of data between CAD products that inherently do not talk
  12. 3D Printing & the design considerations needed to predict the success of the print
  13. CAD/CAM machining

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