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Like the Darbury advantage? Need the Darbury experience? Don’t like the North American rates?

In today’s climate, cost-effective solutions are needed in all situations & by everyone. As a result of this, Darbury has partnered with Engineering & Technology companies to bring about efficiencies of price from emerging markets.

Darbury has worked with Avineon Inc. for the past 8 years, building up a trust & work method second to none. You can benefit from this partnership as Darbury understands the nature of the North American work with Avineon bringing the expertise in Execution. Their specialties lie in Engineering Design, Engineering Drafting, Design Calculations, GIS & IT services, bringing a complete Engineering Contractor flavour to the mix. Based in the US, Avineon Inc. uses it’s Hyderabad, India office for the production & execution of scopes of work. Having visited their offices in India & seen first hand their capabilities, Darbury is convinced of the win/win situation, passing savings to the clients.

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