Current Work

Darbury is currently working on the following items:

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence - being able to predict future conditions and to analyze images for known items. Darbury has entered in to this new and exciting world at an early stage in the development of deep and convolutional neural networks. Click here to see what development has been done to date.
Autodesk Forge Autodesk Forge - Darbury is developing with the Autodesk Forge platform to intelligently analyze & control data from Autodesk documents via the web
Augmented Reality Augmented Reality - Darbury is developing with the Microsoft HoloLens to present 3D model designs to the user in an interactive way within the real world. What is driving the development is a desire to have a 3D model design to scale represented as an object on a table to walk around & understand problems by building a virtual prototype efficiently. Please see here for information on iSiteData, the Darbury solution using Augmented Reality
Internet of Things Internet of Things - The IoT is a way of connecting items to the internet with information from the real world. Darbury has many years experience in this field dealing with small microprocessors (like Arduino), using sensors to retrieve information (temperature, pressure, moisture content, etc.), storing to databases on the cloud & make sense of the "big data" using analytics. More work is being done in this field by Darbury to understand the real-world potential
Industrial Internet of Things Industrial Internet of Things - As with the sensing & reporting abilities of IoT, this takes it to an industrial scale. For example, using vibration sensors to monitor rotating shafts in a pump or compressor & by using code, sense when the bearings need to be maintained by listening to the audio frequencies at a level of detail the human ear cannot discern. Using IIoT, plant manintenance costs can be reduced from scheduled maintenance to "just-in-time" changes
3D Printing 3D Printing - Darbury has been using a plastic 3D printing device for almost 4 years, gaining the experience required to predict the quality of the printed component, adjusting the 3D model accordingly. We now want to expand on this knowledge to different printers & materials using some of the newest compounds available
Laser Scanning Laser Scanning - Darbury has been involved in Laser Scanning since the late 1990's but with the recent technological changes specifically how the scan results relate to 3D models, this is an area being currently worked on
Photogrammetry Photogrammetry - With the recent technological advances, this is an area being looked at to get the best results to assist in retro-fitting plants, facilities & buildings from the cheapest possible scanning method. Autodesk has made huge advances in this field recently; as an official Autodesk developer, Darbury has access to the Recap Pro software & is working on efficient methods to feed 3D modeling

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