IM - Information Management

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The management of technical information, whether it is by an engineering contractor or for an owner/operator, is critical, not only to the success of each project on the facility, but also for the long-term operation of the plant. There are regulatory compliances, record retention policies & safety issues that need to be considered at every step of the engineering design process. Darbury has been involved with the handling of technical information for more than 30 years.

Technical Data

  1. Asset Information Management philosophies & best practices
  2. Tag, Document & Revision standards for use in greenfield & brownfield facilities
  3. Design tools - authoring tools for engineering deliverables inc. 3D models, P&IDs, etc.
  4. Design tool consideration, setup & administration functions
  5. Piping line class standards & specifications
  6. Distributed work sharing—enabling remote design offices
  7. Deliverable document extraction & exporting of data
  8. Formatting of reports & data manipulation
  9. Re-use of data beyond the design tools—to ERP systems & bespoke solutions

Technical Documents

  1. Best practises on Document Management philosophies & processes
  2. Document Management Systems, their use & attributions
  3. Engineering Contractor Document Management considerations
  4. Turn-over, hand-over & project close-out
  5. Legislation & Regulatory compliances
  6. Search portals & single system searching
  7. Concurrent engineering & revision standards
  8. Redlining & As-Built requirements
  9. Records retention processes

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