Instructional Design

During the deployment of a new system, the training required is more than just product training. It is usual that along with the new system being deployed, processes & methodologies are also to be taught to users. The way to complete this is to produce bespoke training that employs both bringing the user to as quick a time as possible with the new product & training the processes needed to become efficient with the solution. The instructional design includes:

  1. Understanding the intent of the client’s scope
  2. Creating the product to be taught
  3. Working with the client to ensure the processes are clear
  4. Ensuring the client has a chance to review the final training
  5. Carry out the training to the users

Darbury has created multiple instructional training courses & delivered them to users. Below is an example of some different instructional design courses carried out:

  1. Supply Chain systems & processes with an Oil & Gas owner company
  2. Deploying a new Engineering Data Warehouse system for document & data management for Engineering Contractor project turn-overs
  3. A full training course on Bentley’s AutoPLANT 3D with focus on best practices & client processes to reduce time to “Issued for Construction” documentation
  4. Providing a complete solution for a UK based owner operator to link engineering design systems to SAP maintenance records

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