Refrigeration Plant Redesign - AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018 & Inventor 2018

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Dave Bradbury, Managing Director, Owner & Founder of Darbury, worked for 7 years in the Manufacturing Industry, both in the UK & France as a Design Engineer. To test the capabilities of the AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018 product, a redesign of a refrigeration unit for a Middle-East Oil & Gas Refinery from 20 years ago was chosen.


  1. Vessels - designed using the Plant 3D product using built-in parametric templates
  2. Other equipment - designed in Inventor, shrink-wrapped & exported in to Plant 3D as unique equipment components


  1. Designed using the in-built Steel module


  1. Line classes designed for refrigeration components
  2. 3D AutoCAD models of valves imported to line class
  3. Minimal flanges to reduce refrigerant leakage; Socket Weld 2" & below
  4. Units - Mixed Metric (metric dimensions with imperial line sizes)


  1. Imported in to Navisworks Manage 2018
  2. Rendered via Autodesk cloud rendering from Navisworks, using transparent background & final render settings

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