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Everest Sciences from Oklahoma, US, contacted Darbury for assistance in setting up & implementing the AutoCAD Plant 3D & P&ID products to their design office. Everest specialised in unique refrigeration for gas compression plants, fitting in with the experience Darbury has gained working in similar industries. A summary of the work & benefits is below.


Darbury Scope - Setting Up AutoCAD Plant 3D & P&ID

  1. Incorporate Everest standards for P&ID symbols & off-page connectors
  2. Default project configuration & database
  3. Isometric drawing styles
  4. 3D model piping line classes
  5. Documentation

Darbury Value-Add Scope

  1. Darbury knowledge of data requirements in this industry
  2. Created the first 10 intelligent P&IDs
  3. Proved the isometric styles & steel capabilities by modeling
  4. Documentation produced for best practices, recorded configuration, how to change items & tips to reduce Everest training time
  5. Darbury experience with refrigeration-specific components

Benefits realized by Everest

  1. Reduced time to create a new project with all standards built-in
  2. Reduced training time with the documentation provided by Darbury
  3. Everest-specific components available for “drag & drop” from the consistent menus
  4. Drawings produced have the same style across all projects
  5. Database format produces consistent reports regardless of project

For more information on this scope of work or to discuss how your project could benefit from the same time-saving realizations, please contact Darbury at info@darbury.com

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