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Asset Information Management (AIM) details the functions relating to operating tagged equipment in a facility. It is about having the right information, at the right time & being able to rely on the accuracy of it. Some of the functions with AIM includes:

  1. Understanding the 3 main components; Design Data, Vendor Information & Operations requirements
  2. Numbering the tagged equipment, documentation & the data associated with each component
  3. Understanding the Purchase Order requirements & defining the deliverable documentation for the vendor
  4. Taking unstructured information & building structure around the minimum data in order to operate & maintain the facility
  5. Taking in to account the need for Concurrent Engineering in the facility (the method of modifying the same information on multiple projects)
  6. The processes associated with maintaining the equipment
  7. Handling the spares information across the asset lifecycle
  8. Setting the Standards & Processes for Projects & Operations to set the quality of information required for any edits to the facility during the mulitple years the facility is producing
  9. Regulatory requirements
  10. Understanding the requirements for demolition & how long the information must be available after the facility is closed

Darbury has experience with ensuring the AIM foundations are in place for:

  1. Successful retrofitting of existing sites with a fit-for-purpose solution (reverse engineering the minimum requirements)
  2. Creating the right solution defining AIM relating to new facilities
  3. Using technology to achieve AIM at the lowest possible cost

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