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The iSiteData solution extends a 3D model from the design phase of a project by using it as the window to relevant documents & data. Using gaze & click gestures, objects from the model can be used to connect to the relevant documents & data. The option of adding a control panel to isolate equipment, steel or pipework is available through the solution.


The solution introduces the following features:

- Click gestures on the virtual object creates a URL to perform a document search against the Tag number in the client’s document management system

- Gaze gestures on a pump could show the flow rate, the state of a control valve or the temperature on a gauge by linking to the facility’s live data

Darbury has been working on the repeatable process to convert a 3D model to the HoloLens. Taking a CAD file to a static HoloLens project, the process has been reduced to around 10 minutes – depending on the size of the model & gestures required. Darbury is working with Autodesk on the beta version of the Forge product implementation to Unity, bringing additional information to the device. As the Microsoft HoloLens is still in it’s first version & only just been brought to market, Darbury is currently reviewing the limitations, e.g. size of model, physical RAM, etc.


Other uses of the solution currently being worked on include the visualization of underground drawings enabling the user to see utility lines buried under the surface of a facility to a depth of 5m.

Although the device has no GPS, Darbury apps bring the physical location of the user to the device enabling accurate model positioning. Another example of being able to add value & reduce overall cost in the field

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