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Augmented Reality(AR) vs Virtual Reality(VR)

For many years, the engineering industries have used computer programs such as Navisworks, BIM360 & Smart Plant Review, amongst other vendor packages, projected on to screens in meeting rooms. The routines take a 3D model from the design team & present them on the screen for walk-throughs & fly-throughs. These programs allow 30%, 60% & 90% model reviews to take place between the different entities on projects, reducing errors prior to going in the field for construction. They are, however, static & not built with user interaction in mind.

VR relies on building a complete scene that the user navigates & interacts with using devices that fit over the eyes. AR, on the other hand, is a process whereby the model or data is shown in context with the real-world in a device such as the Microsoft HoloLens. This takes the previous standard industry visual programs to the next level.

AR devices such as the HoloLens brings remote meeting capabilities using built-in Skype & new collaboration methods including reviewing the same 3D models in a virtual meeting with participants being anywhere in the world. It's still realitively a new beginning for these devices & functionality is increasing at pace.

Darbury Augmented Reality Device

Darbury has standardised on the Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality technology. This device was released at the end of 2015 to developers & is now commercially available. More devices from other vendors will become available in time & will be assessed in time to ensure they fit to the overall strategy of the solution.

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