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The industry needs to limit exposure to HSE risks, preparing for work on live facilities, as well as reducing cost to bring operators much needed experience.

By reusing the 3D model in a virtual environment, adding logic & enabling the training to be done in a home office or away from the field, this has now become possible with the iSiteData solution.

Reuse of the 3D models from a design project or an as-built model from the field, the iSiteData solution adds logic allowing the users to become familiar with control rooms, valve configurations, processes & HSE requirements prior to going out to the field.

As the iSiteData solution is built on Microsoft software, the device inherently gives users the ability to view documents in the device which include standard operating procedures & maintenance processes to follow the HSE approved way of working.

Gauge board video showing an interactive session learning the method of using a block & bleed valve to isolate & replace a pressure gauge

Please Note: The videos shown here try to show the HoloLens experience but the video capture from the device itself is inferior to the real thing. Contact Darbury for more information

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