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Darbury Lifting Lug Program

The Darbury Lifting Lug program allows for the calculation of lifting lugs & eyes of differing materials, with a variety of lifting styles & safety factors. The calculations are then printed & verified by a professional engineer as fit for purpose on projects.
An installation document is available in the download section to the right.

Please Note: This program has been validated for use on Microsoft Windows 7 & Vista operating systems with .NET framework 3.5 installed only. This has not been certified for use with Windows XP.
Registration Process
The registration process is described in the installation document downloaded from this page.  
The cost of program is $450 CAD per license.

There are some options available:
  • Option 1: 15% price per annum to cover support & free upgrades for a year.
  • Option 2: Bulk orders of 5 copies or more receive the first year of support free on all the copies purchased.
  • Option 3: Leasing prices are available, please request more information.
Error Logging And Issues
All errors, issues & questions should be sent to the e-mail address: license@darbury.com. Please remember to be as explicit as possible about the error, include the operating system, your details & as much information as possible to enable Darbury to try to recreate the problem.  
As with all engineering calculation software, it must be verified & approved by a certified Professional Engineer. Darbury Consulting Ltd. has done everything it can with this program to ensure the calculations are correct, it allows for the calculation to be printed showing the calculation method from first principals & have given boxes for the page to be approved & signed. Darbury Consulting Ltd. accepts no liability for the use of this program without the correct approval process being followed.  
Lifting Lug Installation Download Product Information Sheets Program Update (27 Jan 2013) - The program v2.1 has just been released. Please refer to the links above