Artificial Intelligence

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Google TensorFlow

Dave Bradbury, Managing Director, Owner & Founder of Darbury, has recently completed a consultancy scope of work with a top London, UK construction company in the field of Artifical Intelligence. The work involved proving concepts for image recognition, facial analysis & language detection relating to construction activities. Bringing AI to functions that decrease time on the tools & most importantly, increase safety during construction are 2 worthy goals for any company; AI is making this a reality today.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

The deep learning was based on a Google TensorFlow convolutional neural network devloped within the Python programming language. Hundreds of attributed images were processed by the machine learning capabilities of TensorFlow to allow both webcam & static image analysis, then programming the results. Microsoft Cognitive Services were used in parallel to assist in as many areas as possible.

Darbury's Future Development

Darbury, having experience at the early stage of these real-life applications with AI, is deveoping other applications & solutions based on this important area of research. The future development goal of Darbury is to now incorporate AI within Augmented Reality. The ability of detecting objects in the Microsoft HoloLens & analyse the information in real time could be a real game changer to many industries. As Darbury now has the experience to make a difference, contact us with your ideas or suggestions.

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